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One of the most helpful additions to Mill Creek stream was a wetland introduced to the stream at the beginning of Mill Creek property. It gives a habitat for animals to grow before swimming down stream. A key feature of this area is strategically placed debris, allowing trash and other pollutants to be caught on dead tree limbs and brushy areas before it passes through a riffle and goes down stream. Furthermore, there are a series of depth and pressure sensors at the head of the stream. This data is useful after every rain to show the importance of the floodplain and to illustrate the use of the natural habitat formed.

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Prior to its restoration, the stream on Millcreek Elementary property was much like ours but in a slightly better condition. With deeply eroded banks, little wildlife and dirty water, the elementary students at Millcreek were forbidden to go near the creek. All that changed when the same team of experts working on our grant, headed by Eric Dawalt, saw the creek. Soon the grant was written and gotten, and work begun. The project began in July of 2008. Now the stream has banks that are level with the water, a serpentine, meandering pattern and many more animals that live near or in the stream. The stream is now becoming an important part of the curriculum at Millcreek.

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