As part of our stream restoration project, MMSK is also implementing a Roof Rainwater Harvesting System to reduce the amount of runoff into our stream and provide a source of water for our vegetable and fruit gardens. In addition to our grant from the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government, an additional grant was provided by the Darden Restaurant Group to enable us to purchase the tank.

Below is a summary of the type of harvesting system being implemented:

Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

Quality Control Steel Rainwater Harvesting Tank Kits Include:
  • High Strength G115 Corrugated Steel Tank
  • Factory Welded & Tested 30 mil Geo-Membrane Liner
  • 2” Outlet Penetration Nipple Kit
  • 2” Standard PVC Valve
  • 6” Overflow Penetration Nipple Kit
  • 6” Inlet Penetration Nipple Kit
  • 30 Degree Roof Ladder
  • Top Roof Manway
  • Side Roof Inspection Hatch

Here is a diagram of how the system works:
external image Rainwater-Harvesting-Tank-Kit-Drawing.jpg

Here are some MMSK students preparing the foundation for the rain water harvesting tank:IMG_8049.JPG