A watershed is a drainage basin, where all the water in an area of land drains into the same place. There are 2,110 watersheds in the continental United States. Watersheds are referred to by a coding scheme called Hydrologic Unit Codes (HUC). A large scale watershed, such as the Kentucky River, is called a basin; a smaller basin is a subbasin. The term “watershed” technically applies to any drainage basin but usually refers to a watershed smaller than a subbasin. On the size and scale of a community, the smallest type of watershed is called a subwatershed.

South Elkhorn Creek Watershed
The MMSK property is part of the South Elkhorn Creek watershed, which covers 179 square miles in Fayette, Woodford, Scott, Franklin and Jessamine counties. Whatever happens in or to the watershed will eventually affect the Kentucky River. Eighty percent of the land in the watershed is agricultural, and the remaining 20% is urban. Currently, the watershed is in poor shape; based on water quality and biology data in a quality assessment, five creek segments assessed could not support some or all their designated uses. The South Elkhorn Creek watershed ranks among the watersheds in the Kentucky River basin most in need of protection or restoration.

To learn more about the South Elkhorn watershed, go to http://southelkhorn.org